Cancer care innovation by digital therapeutics




- next-generation medical-grade decision-support system based on artificial intelligence and real-time patient monitoring during treatment, post-treatment and follow-up

- special applications for cancer and comorbidities to prevent and predict complications and to achieve day-to-day precision treatments, with an option to integrate circadian rhythm





- reduction of emergency treatments and admissions, economic performance, development of outpatient, homecare and "domomedicine"

- quality of life, quality-adjusted life years, survival



Population (Globocan 2018)


- World: 18.1 Million new cases per year (43,8 Million living patients after 5 years)

- Europe: 4.2 Million new cases per year (12,1 Million living patients after 5 years)

- World growth 2018-2040: over 60%



Recent publications of interest

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