esThera: Making value-based healthcare a reality
and a concrete business model



- track records of Research, Innovation and Development in wireless monitoring, implantable devices, composite indicators, circadian rhythm and chronotherapy

- established in 2014

- life-size pilot study (TRL 6) in 2017




- winning project for i-LAB contest in 2015



- Seal of Excellence delivered by the European Commission in 2016 under Horizon 2020 programme for Research and Innovation


Team trio




big data- to raise funds Euroquity and establish leadership in cancer digital therapeutic diagnosis and follow-up decision-support tools

- to promote the World 1st controlled clinical trial chemo versus personalized chrono-chemo
- to introduce the 1st minimally-invasive subcutaneous sensor and develop a closed-loop system




big data Supporters and early adopters

Centre Jean Perrin/Clermont-Ferrand, France; Oncologia Medica/Pescara, Italy; Société Française de Télémédecine (French Society for Telemedicine); Warwick Medical School/Coventry, UK; Erasmus MC/ Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Champalinaud Cancer Center/Lisbon, Portugal; Centre hépato-Biliaire, Hôpital Paul Brousse/Villejuif, France; Helse Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway; Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre/Toronto, Canada; Rush University Medical Center/Chicago, USA; ...

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