"esThera completely answers the need for follow-up of therapy outside the hospital" (French Society for Telemedicine 2016)


tel- proactive system for anticipation of deteriorations and early care

- continuous and real-time data between visits and treatment sessions, continuity of care

- patient-centric system for engagement and increased overall performance

- data for clinical research and predictive/prescriptive models

- cybersafety and continued operation in case of hospital IS failure or attack




Key benefits for patients:

- continuity of care with hospital, possibility to involve local health professionals as needed

- better outcomes, being given the best possible chances for optimal treatment

- better quality of life, higher quality-adjusted life years, increased survival

- better environment: reduction of informal care costs and productivity losses



- integrated and continuous monitoring: continuous body temperature and 3-axe acceleration, self-reported symptoms (PRO), additional data

- patient centricity and system/information cybersecurity: personal mobile hub with decentralized AI and automated functions, independent of mobile OS and of hospital IS (but interfaceable), not hackable by design, anonymous data by design

- synchronous and actionable, ready-to-use information: end-to-end comprehensive medical-grade service, real-time automatic alerts, real-time on-demand key indicators and scoreboards

- Not forgetting terabytes of smart data



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